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The 12th Annual

Honoring The World's Best Buildings & Spaces

BEEAH Headquarters by Zaha Hadid Architects, 2023 A+Awards Winner

Eligibility & Guidelines

Eligibility and Rules

Entry Fees and Deadline

Accepted Formats/Entry Type Info

Detailed Entry Instructions


Eligibility and Rules

  • The Architizer A+Awards are open to all firms and individuals involved in architecture, design, planning and construction. The A+Awards is an international awards program and participants of all nationalities are welcome.
    Entries submitted in the Typology, Plus and Sustainability Categories must be BUILT projects completed in the past three (3) years. The only exceptions are the categories ‘Unbuilt,’ ‘Architecture +Models & Rendering’ and ‘Architecture +AI’. Entries submitted into the Firm Categories may include built and unbuilt projects, but must include at least three (3) projects BUILT within the past ten (10) years.
    There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted by any entrant, nor is there a limit to the number of categories you may enter. A completed online entry form and fee must accompany each entry

  • Unacceptable Material
    Entries that contain pornographic material, propagate "hate" messages, make defamatory statements or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible.

  • Disqualification
    Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification.

  • Acknowledgment of Entries
    Entrants will receive an email acknowledgment when an entry has been received.

  • Contest Rules
    For the complete list of contest rules Click here.

  • Terms of Use
    To learn about our Terms of Use Click here.

Entry Fees and Deadline

  • Deadline Fee
    Open for Entries October 9,2023
    Early Entry Deadline November 3, 2023 $245 USD
    Main Entry Deadline December 15, 2023 $295 USD
    Final Entry Deadline January 26, 2024 $345 USD
    Extended Entry Deadline February 23, 2024 $395 USD

Accepted Formats/
Entry Type Info

  • Typology Categories
    Architects do a lot of things — signage, branding, presentations, conferences — but at the core of our profession, we make buildings and spaces. The Typology Awards honor this core function. Categories broadly include residential, office, commercial, transportation, cultural, institutional, landscape and student projects. Entries must be BUILT projects completed within the past three (3) years, with the exception of the Unbuilt Categories.

  • Plus Categories
    Architecture is everywhere and touches everyone. The Plus Awards are designed to celebrate architecture’s relevancy through categories that highlight the issues confronting the world. Entries must be BUILT projects completed within the past three (3) years, with the exception of the ‘Architecture +Models & Rendering’ and ‘Architecture +AI’ categories.

  • Sustainability Categories
    Architizer defines a "sustainable” building as one that incorporates Sustainable Systems, Healthy or Climate Positive Materials, and Ethical Building Practices into its design, construction and maintenance. To be eligible for these categories, your project must feature 50% (9) of the 18 sustainability criteria below. Entries must be BUILT projects completed within the past three (3) years, with the exception of the Unbuilt Categories.

    Sustainable Systems

    • Passive heating and/or ventilation strategies
    • Renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaics
    • Pollution, waste or water reduction or reuse systems, including flood management
    • Details that help improve insulation / air tightness
    • Systems for improving air quality (indoor or outdoor)
    • Construction waste reduction and/or recycling on site

    Healthy or Climate Positive Materials

    • Ethically sourced and/or locally sourced materials, including native species and restorative materials
    • Salvaged / recycled materials
    • Materials that can be salvaged or reused at the end of the building’s life
    • Bio-based materials / materials with organic properties, including introducing porous surfaces to urban areas
    • Materials meeting national or global testing standards for reduced toxicity
    • Materials with low embodied carbon or environmental product declarations

    Ethical Building Practices

    • Considers environmental implications, including preservation or regeneration, in its design, construction and operation
    • Considers equity and the quality of life of occupants in its design, construction and operation
    • Utilizes local contractors and ethical labor practices in its construction
    • Adapts and/or rejuvenate existing structures, spaces and environments for a new use
    • Includes design elements that enable adaptation to a changing environment or future needs
    • Includes resilient materials whose longevity can contribute to lower life-time costs to both occupants and the environment

  • Firm Categories
    Firm Categories celebrate the breadth of a firm’s achievement by showcasing a portfolio of projects. Firm Type categories honor overall excellence for firms of different sizes and stages of career. Specialization categories honor firms that demonstrate a strong body of work in a specific architectural typology. Firm Location categories honor firms based in different geographic regions. Entries may include BUILT and UNBUILT projects, but must include at least three (3) projects BUILT within the past ten (10) years.

Detailed Entry Instructions

  • Online Entry
    Entries must be entered online using the online entry form. An entry is considered processed after a completed entry form is received by Architizer A+Awards and payment for the entry fee is received. The Architizer A+Awards reserves the right to re-categorize entries and to create new categories if appropriate.

  • The Entry Process
    After you have logged in or registered, creating a project entry is easy:

    Provide Entrant details:

    • Entrant name and contact information
    • Company information
    • Select the category (or categories) – Click here for a description of all categories

    Provide Entry details:

    • Project Title or Firm Name
    • Project Status/Year or Firm Year Founded
    • Project Description and/or Firm Statement
    • Collaborator and Client Credits (Optional)
    • Sustainability Eligibility Questionnaire and Statement (Sustainability Awards only)

    Upload your images and/or visual assets:

    • Upload 1-12 images (single images only, no collages)
    • Upload 1 video (Optional)
    • Images: 30MB max: jpg, jpeg, tiff or png file
    • Video: 2GB max: mpg, flv or mp4 file


    • Provide payment details and confirm.
    • Once payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email.


  • Contact
    For questions or comments related to the Architizer A+Product Awards Call for Entries, please email us at awards@architizer.com.

  • For Chinese Entrants

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